Blythe & Other Dollies

Recently on a trip south to visit friends in the Carolinas, I was introduced to the world of Blythe dolls. This is  my Blythe doll. She is a Prairie Posie and her name is Laura:

I thought I would stop at Blythe. Really. I did. My friend (who coincidently got me into Blythe) remarked that some dolls are like a "gateway drug" of sorts. This is EXACTLY what has happened to me. Next up for me: Monster High Dolls. Laura needs some friends to hang out with and I thought these gals would be perfect:

And, *sigh*, I have to wait just under two weeks for these girls since my mum has bought be a five-pack for Christmas.

Am I ashamed to say at the age of 30 I enjoy playing with dolls? Nope. Oddly enough, I never really enjoyed playing with dolls as a kid. Sure, I had Barbie dolls BUT my collection of Thundercats & Transformers was where it was at with me.

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