I have been baking for years. Much of my time when I was younger was spent with my grandmother and she did quite a bit of baking. Her staples in baking were bran muffins and what is perhaps these world's greatest apple pie. Also in her repertoire were various apples desserts (baked apples! Yum!), butter tarts, date squares, lemon pie, etc. As such, baking is one of my favourite past times and I always try to have a vast array of assorted baked goods (mainly cookies and muffins) in the freezer. Coupled with my passion for leading a healthy lifestyle, I like to try and bake as healthy as possible (though I do understand this is not always possible and believe me, I do bake some very indulgent recipes. Mars bar squares, anyone?).

In trying to make things healthy as well as having different allergies (egg, dairy, tapioca), I've experimented with different substitutions in recipes over the years and also used many different types of flours. I enjoy experimenting with recipes and seeing how I can change them. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it's a total flop! Whatevs...I move on and try something new! I'm always up for a challenge, too, when it comes to baking.


I've come to use a few different flours over the years and only rarely do I a use run-of-the-mill (HAHA!) whole wheat flour. My staples? Spelt (used for muffins & cakes) and oat flour (used mainly for cookies). I've also various gluten-free options such as brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa and sorghum flour

Dairy Substitutions

Egg Substitutions

Egg-free baking is surprisingly easy! 

Low-Fat Baking

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