Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zen, the Vinyl Cafe & Stuart McLean

Zen for me this morning was a run while listening to the Vinyl Cafe podcast. It was awesome. I decided during breakfast that since the sun was out, I needed to get out for a run. I woke up feeling slightly migraine-y and figured the fresh air would do me good instead of popping advil. Guess what? It worked. I feel better, physically & mentally.

If you've never listened to (or even heard of...*gasp*) the Vinyl Cafe, it is AWESOME! It's an hour long variety show hosted by one of the best story tellers I've ever heard, Stuart McLean (oh, and he's Canadian!). It airs on CBC Radio a few times a week and is also available as a podcast. The show usually includes a couple of stories read by McLean as well as a few songs by a guest singer or band. Although I've enjoyed all the Vinyl Cafe shows I've listened to, by far my favourite are the ones where he reads the Dave and Morely stories. They are HILARIOUS!!

Stuart McLean tells a story in such a way that you are just drawn in. You want to listen. And you want to keep listening. I find myself relating to many of the stories he tells. Like the story about when Stephanie, Dave & Morely's daughter, goes to visit her aunt in England. It reminded me of when I was 10 and went with my grandfather to visit my aunt in England. It brought back many wonderful memories for me. It was also a wonderful story! If you're like me, you make sure you're able to tune in whenever he's one CBC radio. I've found myself scheduling when I will wash the kitchen floor for when Vinyl Cafe is on Thursday at 1 pm. If I miss the show and I'm still around in the afternoon, I will switch to a western feed of CBC radio and listen to the portion I've missed. For the last few Sundays, Jere and I are coincidently sitting down to lunch at noon, just as Vinyl Cafe is starting on CBC Radio 1. Another thing I love about it is I can be up doing stuff: cleaning, baking, whatever and listening to McLean tell whatever wonderful story he is telling. I swear the man could read a book on tax or real estate law and make it exciting!

The other thing I love is that I've been introduced to a few cool singers and bands through the Vinyl Cafe. The podcast I listened to today on my run included musical guest The Once. They are from Newfoundland and I really enjoyed hearing them! Enough that I want to listen to more of their songs.

Having the Vinyl Cafe podcast with me on my run/walk this morning was great company. It was, to me, Zen. Sunshine, a run or walk in the fresh air & the Vinyl Cafe...all at once. Awesome. :)

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